We believe that we grow best when in community with others.

We are also aware that creative ministry can be an isolated existence for many and so we are passionate about getting alongside people and cheering them on.

Specialising in songwriting and Worship Pastor coaching, we offer a mix of formal coaching programmes as detailed below or bespoke training and coaching for individuals and teams.

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At its heart the Worship Pastor Coaching Track aims to see worship pastors develop deep foundations for long term effective worship ministry. It is aimed at Worship Pastors who are involved in overseeing worship teams and training other leaders in their church.

Partnering with The Worship Foundation and New Wine Worship, the coaching track is a 15 month programme of 2 day residentials alongside one to one coaching hosted in Oxford and Cheltenham.

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As part of the St Aldates School of Ministry we offer internships with St Aldates Worship for individuals aged 18-25.

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